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Evaluation of the development of alface (lactuca sativaL.) under different coverings of the soil

Edimar Aparecido Ferreira, Aldaísa Martins da Silva de Oliveira, João Antônio da Silva, Ricardo Alexandre Lambert

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

The experiment was carried out at Fazenda Pirapitinga, located in the city of Canápolis, MG, Brazil. The objective was to evaluate the development of lettuce, purple and purple varieties under different types of coverings. The experimental design was (DBC), in a 3x2 factorial scheme, being: 3 soil openings (uncovered soil, Brachiaria mulch cover and mulching) and 2 varieties (var. Crespa and var. Roxa), with 4 replications. Plant height, leaf number and plant diameter were evaluated at 32 and 47 days after planting. It was concluded that the cultivar curled had a larger number of leaves and the lettuce cultivars had inferior performance in the plastic mulching.