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Test Allium cepa as indicator of genotoxical activity of the aveloz Euphorbia tirucalli

Maria Clara Moreira Maia, Caroline Martins Rocha, Tatielle Erins Santos, Janini Tatiane Lima Souza Maia, Priscila Regina Queiroz, João Paulo Gomes Oliveira

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

The objective was to identify the genotoxic activity of the aveloz, using the Allium cepa method, adapted methodologies applied in scientific literature. The experimental design was a completely randomized design with five treatments: five distinct concentrations of latex: 0; 0.15; 0.50; 0.75 and 1mLL-1, with five replicates. After germination of the onion bulbs, slides were prepared with meristems and examined under an optical microscope. The applied treatments contributed to the presentation of two types of cellular aberrations: binucleate cells and bridges in anaphase and telophase. Further studies are needed to better assess the potential risks of the mutagenic agents present in hazelnut latex, as well as to adjust the methodology used.