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Gene action antibiotics used by rural producers in the municipality of Senador Rui Palmeira –Alagoas

Evandro dos Anjos Machado, Cláudio Galvão de Souza Júnior

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

This work investigated the most used antibiotics withgene action by rural producers in the municipality of Senador Rui Palmeira, an important center for the immediate geographic region of the Médio Sertão from Alagoas, northeast of Brazil. Semi-structured interviews with cattle rancherswas realized. There has been widespread use of tetracyclines over other antibiotics. Among the chemotherapeutic classes identified, the one of interference in the protein synthesis was the most used. The characterization of the profile of the classes of antibiotics marketed and consumed in this productive center of regional importance should contribute to more advanced studies on livestock development programs and prevention of the growth of resistance to antibiotics.