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Consortium of culture of corn with forage plants

Altamir Matias Pimenta Neto, Ariel Muncio Compagnon, Guilherme Santos Ventura, Fernando Henrique Arriel,  Murilo Lopes dos Santos

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

The objective of this work was to evaluate the phytotechnical characteristics and corn productivity in a consortium with forages, in different sowing modalities. It was evaluated: dry matter of corn plant, forage and total straw, plant heights, stem insertion, stalk diameters, ear and cob, number of rows of grains, ear masses, ear grains, ear corn, 1000 grains and productivity. The corn consortium with Urochloasdid not change the phytotechnical characteristics compared to single corn. As there were no differences in productivity, the modalities of sowing in the line (seed mixed with the fertilizer) are a good alternative, since they reduce operational expenses.