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Effects of temperature, rainfall and drought on cassava productivity parameters in southern of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Augusto Carlos Pola, Alexsander Luis Moreto, Eduardo da Costa Nunes

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

The interrelations between the number of tuberous rootper plant, yield and dry matter content of roots of the Mandim Branca cultivar in 19 years of cultivation were evaluated, as well as the simple linear correlations of these variables with meteorological elements and droughtin Jaguaruna, SC, Brazil. The three productive variables presented statistically significant correlations (p <0.05), positive and moderate among them. Mean temperature and precipitation presented negative and moderate correlation coefficients with yield and dry matter content. The maximum temperature presented a direct relation with the three productive variables. The number of tuberous roots per plant showed positive and strong correlations with maximum temperature and negative with drought duration in the first five months after planting. The duration of drought showed an inverse relation with the three productive variables. The results indicated that both water deficiencies and high precipitation in the post-planting period may decrease cassava productivity under the edaphoclimatic conditions of the present study.