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Serum concentration of Troponin Iand myocardial fraction of creatinaquinase (CK-MB) in dairy goats in peripatum

Daniel Nunes de Araújo Gonçalves, Pierre Castro Soares, Emanuel Felipe Oliveira Filho, Carla Lopes de Mendonça, José Augusto Bastos Afonso, Francisco Fernando Ramos Carvalho, Andreia Fernandes de Souza, Ayna Arramis Apolinario da Silva, Rebeka Menezes Pontes, Cleyton Charles Dantas Carvalho

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

It was verified the dynamics of biomarkers of cardiac muscle activity (troponin I and CK-MB) in Saanen goats in the peripartum period. There was no significant variation (P>0.05) in the variables in the prepartum, delivery and postpartum periods. Highly negative correlation was observed between plasma β-Hydroxybutyrate concentration with glucose (r=0.60, P<0.0001) and moderately negative between β-Hydroxybutyrate and troponin (r=0.45, P<0.0001).Blood levels of Troponin I and CK-MB are detectable in the blood of Saanen goats in the transition period, and these data can be used as reference values for metabolic profile study in different metabolic and reproductive conditions.Scientific investigations are needed to better understand the specific effect of the transition period on myocardial integrity and interaction between biomarkers of energy metabolism in dairy goats.