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Characteristics of the pasture, diet and grazing behavior of goats in silvopastoral system

Rosianne Mendes de Andrade da Silva Moura, Maria Elizabete de Oliveira, José Wilgney Miguel Teixeira, Joaquim Calixto de Sousa Guerra, Jandson Vieira Costa, Antonia Leidiana Moreira

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

The botanical composition and grazing behavior of goats were evaluated and grazed plants were identified in silvopastoralsystem area and different seasons of the year in the Mid-North of Brazil, Piaui state. Six adult goats were arranged in completely randomized desing, factorial 3x5, with three seasons of the year (dry, transition and rainy) and five months of evaluation, and six replicates. The time of year influences the forage production and the composition of the pasture, besides the grazing behavior. Regrowths of woody species participate in the diet of goats, being important the management of areas of silvopastoral systems with maintenance of the known species that make up the diet of these animals.