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Unilateral aseptic necrosis of the femur head in a bitch without a defined breed - case report.

Lucas Gomes da Silva, Luís Felipe Lageano Benites, Julia Mascarello, Bruno Cálido Almeida, Nickson Milton Corrêa Siqueira, Joyce Maira de Araújo, Joyce Katiuccia Medeiros Ramos Carvalho

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

The objective of the study was to report a left unilateral aseptic necrosis of the femoral head in a female dog. It had a history of trauma in the left hind limb, keeping it raised when walking, with pain and discomfort to palpation. It was submitted to a dorsal x-ray examination with a morphological alteration report of the left proximal epiphysis and presence of radiolucent areas, suggestive of the condition diagnosed in the clinical evaluation. She was referred for left femoral head excision surgery and then physical therapy. Because it is easily confused with other locomotor lesions, clinical evaluation together with radiographic examinations is extremely important in this disease.