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Aminoacids, soluble sugars and peroxidase activity in anonaceas cutting collected in two years

Cristiano Pereira da Silva, Elizabeth Orika Ono, João Domingos Rodrigues, Luiz de Souza Corrêa, Aparecida Conceição Boliani

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

In order to guarantee better results in the rooting of cuttings of some fruit species, it is necessary to determine the best time for the removal of the branches and making the cuttings that will be used as vegetative propagules in the method of propagation by cuttings. Apical and basal pinheira (Annona squamosaL.), gravioleira (Annona muricataL.) and atemoeira (Annona cherimolaL. x Annona squamosaL.) cuttings were collected at two seasons of the year, containing branch mix, making the samples for analysis. These samples were ground and processed in the laboratory to perform the biochemical analyzes, in order to verify the total amino acid concentrations, sugars and enzymatic activity of the peroxidase. These cofactor substances aid in the best rooting of cuttings. Among the results the best season for the removal of the branches for propagation by cutting is in the summer period, both for the apical and basal cuttings of the species of anonas analyzed.