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Biodegradation of eucalyptus wood by wood-rotting fungi

Blenda Naara Santos da Silva, Maria Alves Ferreira, Nonato Junior Ribeiro dos Santos

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

Xylophagous fungi are used for various biotechnological purposes, such as biological discoloration, saccharification of biomass and ethanol production, resistance studies of wood and its by-products. In this way, the present work aimed to select fungi with greatercapacity for degradation of eucalyptus wood, in order to contribute to future research, in the scope of biodegradation and biotechnology. 39 rotting fungiwere used, 35 were identified through the ITS region, five did not produce phenoloxidases and all xylophages caused mass loss in the wood chips after 120 days. Eight fungi did not differ statistically from the positive control, indicating that these microorganisms have good deteriorating capacity of the wood compounds.