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Evaluation of Liver biochemical parameters in manganese miners

Razavian M.H

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Science

Background and objective: Manganese (Mn) related jobs may cause Manganism especially in miners. Side effects include neural and pathological disorders. In spite of liver is the main organ that filters Mn (99%) but few studies has performed about Mn toxicity in liver so no specific biochemical indicator is available. In this study, the relation between blood, urine and saliva Mn level and its hepatotoxic effects is evaluated. Materials and methods: Blood, urine, saliva of 50 accidently selected miners collected in acid washed tubes for an experience study. Samples were used to evaluation not only biochemical parameters by pars azmoon kits but also Mn concentration by mass spectroscopy. Findings: Miners Mn concentration in all samples in addition to blood AST, ALT, ALP increased significantly (P