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Fungi associated with mutambaseeds in Ceará State

Francisco José Carvalho Moreira, Mikaele Fernandes Costa, Valdelânia Ripardo Nascimento, Maria Suleny Moreira, Joilson Silva Lima

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

The need to recover degraded areas of Caatinga, due to the exploitation of native species, has demanded research on the production of superior quality material. However, one of the main difficulties to seedling production is the fungiassociated with seeds. Given the above, this essay aimed to survey the fungi present in mutambaseeds(Guazuma ulmifoliaLam.). For the evaluation and identification of fungi, the seeds were incubated in a Blotter Test filter paper substrate. The seeds were incubated in Petri dishes and kept in anincubator for seven days at 27±2°C. Elevenfungal genera associated with bastard cedarseeds were detected and identified, and the genera Eurotium, Rhizopusand Fusariumpresented the highest incidences.Also thepresence of the fungus Epiccocum nigrum, which until thenhad not been associated with G. ulmifoliaseeds.