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Evaluation of biochemical metabolites in dairy cows affected by mechanical digestive disorders

Luiz Teles Coutinho, Carla Lopes Mendonça, Gliere Silmara Leite Soares, Emanuel Felipe de Oliveira Filho, Rodolfo José Cavalcanti Souto, Jobson Filipe de Paula Cajueiro, Maria Isabel de Souza, Nivan Antonio Alves da Silva, Nivaldo de Azevêdo Costa, Pierre Castro Soares, José Augusto Bastos Afonso

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

The aimof the present study was to evaluate blood biochemical abnormalities in dairy cows affected by mechanical digestive disorders distributed into four groups: Group 1 (n=5) abomasum/omasum compaction; Group 2 (n=8) ruminal compaction; Group 3 (n=6) vagal indigestion, and Group 4 (n=15) intestinal obstruction. Metabolites related to the energy, protein, enzymatic, mineral and hormonal profile were measured upon diagnosis and at timeof clinical resolution. The data were submitted to analysis of variance (ANOVA) with the level of significance set to 5%. The digestive disorders were accompanied by a negative energy balance, hypocalcemia and liver, kidney and muscle damage. The abnormalities were reversed, with the exception on liver damage, underscoring the need to evaluate the impact of this condition on the productive life of these animals in future studies.