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Antimicrobian sensitivity profile of Staphylococcus species identified in goat mastitis cases in regions of Rio de Janeiro State

Manoel Henrique Machado, Maria da Conceição Estellita Vianni, Tarcisio Rangel do Couto, Ana Sílvia Boroni de Oliveira, Renato de Souza Abboud, Sumaya Mario Nosoline

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

Six goat herds were studied in the State of Rio de Janeiro.Of the 116 milk samples collected from the mammary glands after selection by the '' California Mastitis Test '', 50 were positive for bacteriological tests, and it was possible to identify: 14 samplesof S. aureus, 14 samplesfrom S. hyicusvar. hyicus, 09 samples of S. intermedius, 07samples of S. saprophyticusand 06 samples of S. epidermidis. Vancomycin sensitivity to Cephalosporins ranged from 19 to 26% while the sensitivity to Beta-Lactam 7 to 26%, and the least efficient antimicrobial was erythromycin, showing a sensitivity of only 7%.