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Between partnership and recognition: the case of the fishermen of the Colony z-3 Vigia de Nazaré, Pará, Brazil

Fabricio Nilo Lima da Silva, Antonia Rafaela Gonçalves Macedo, Patrick Heleno dos Santos Passos, Damiana Barros do Nascimento, Waldiléia Rendeiro da Silva Amaral

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

The objective was to reflect on the contradictions existing in the gender and identity relations of the Z-3 Fishermen's Colony Association, in Vigia de Nazaré, Pará, Brazil.Twenty-five women who participated in the association were interviewed.We see women engaging in fisheries-related organizations, and there is a need for a more targeted look at women's activities.Their participation is essential in fisheries, which should be taken into account.It is concluded that the woman as a social actress present in the world of fishing is an indispensable figure, either in the partnerships between them and the partners, to execute fishing in the rivers, streams and mangroves.