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Application of property management tools milkers: a case study

Lucas da Silva Bastos, João Paulo Bussons dos Santos, Eduardo Mitke Brandão Reis, Luane Linhares

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

The objective was to evaluate the applicability of the management tools GUT matrix, brainstorming, Ishikawa Diagram, PDCA Cycle, 5W2H, aiming at the survey and correction of fault points. This research was carried out in Rio Branco-Acre dairy farms, from May to July 2019, using a semi-structured questionnaire with 549 questions. The main problems encountered were: lack of zootechnical bookkeeping, inadequate herd composition and calving intervals> 12 months. The management tools used to solve these problemswere PDCA cycle, Ishikawa Diagram and Ishikawa Diagram respectively. It is concluded that the tools can be adapted and widely used in dairy farming, aiming to solve problems.