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Soybeans are biofortified with zinc by fertilization

Geovani do Carmo Copati da Silva, Thaís Lopes Leal Cambraia, Guilherme Filgueiras Bahia, Vinício Mitre de Castro, Leonardus Vergütz

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

Agronomic biofortification of soybeans with Zn may be promising in combating Zn deficiency in humans. Fertilization with Zn, although not influencing grain yield, can increase grain concentration by up to 68.4 mg kg-1 by applying 4 mg dm-3 Zn to soil and 22.97 kg ha-1. from leaf Zn. This enrichment does not reduce the accumulation of other minerals in the grains and Zn concentrates in the embryonic axis. Soybeans that concentrate moreZn show no improvement in physiological quality. Similarly, cultivation of Zn enriched soybean does not influence grain yield.