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Chemical and biological products associated in root knot nematodes control in potato crops

José Feliciano Bernardes Neto, Nadson de Carvalho Pontes, Filipe Constantino Borel, Maria Stella Xavier de Araujo Souza, Waldemar Sanchez, Jadir Borges Pinheiro

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

This study aimed to evaluate the active principle fluopyram effect on root knot nematodescontrol (Meloidogyne javanica) in potato crop under field conditions. The experiment was carried out on the experimental field at the Goiano Federal Institute, Morrinhos Campus, Goiás State, Brazil. After the area prepared and fertilized, seed potatoes cv. Agitate were sowed in the furrows. The treatments consisted of two control untreated and six control treated in different doses and combinations with products based on Fluopyram, Bacillus subtilis, Pencicurom and Cadusafós. The emergence and symptoms of phytointoxication were evaluated at 30thday after planting (DAP), heaping at 38thDAP, and harvest at 98thDAP. The tubers had productivity estimated and classified as commercial potatoes and with "popcorn" (galls). Population of eggs and second stage juveniles (J2) in the samples were evaluated in the laboratory. Data were submitted to statistical tests. No phytotoxication symptoms were found.Fluopyram treatments reduced the damage caused by nematodes, eggs, and J2 in the tubers. The best results were at doses 500and 375 g a.i. ha-1in combination with Bacillus subtilisor Pencicurom.