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Socioeconomic description of Curralinho fishermen, Marajó Archipelago, Pará, Brazil

Cleiton Gomes de Arruda, Aracy Sá Pereira, Walquiria Nogueira da Silva, Cleiviane Rodrigues Baratinha, Felipe de Lima Baratinha, Débora Tatyane Oliveira Xavier, Julia Siqueira Moreau, Manoel Luciano Aviz de Quadros, Luã Caldas de Oliveira, Raoani Cruz Mendonça, Fabricio Nilo Lima da Silva

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

The aim of this study was to evaluate the socioeconomic status of fishermen from Curralinho municipality, Marajó Archipelago (Pará -Brazil).The study was conducted in June 2019, using a questionnaire for twenty-one fishermen. As for the distribution by gender, there is the presence of men and women in fishing with 75,0% and 25,0% of representation, respectively. They are over 45 years old, comprising families between 1 and 5 people with 4 children. As for education, in the municipality of Curralinho has 14,0% of fishers without study and 62,0% who have incomplete elementary school, which corresponds to most respondents. It was found that the fishermen of Curralinho need public policies to promote educational and fishing actions, generation of employment and income, with improvement of quality of life.