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Farming in training students in technical course integrated in agriculture

Fabricio Nilo Lima da Silva, Francinaldo Martins Ferreira, Ana Célia Barbosa Guedes, Netanias Mateus de Souza Castro, Essía de Paula Romão, Arllen Elida Aguiar Paumgartten, Julia Siqueira Moreau, Manoel Luciano Aviz de Quadros, Luã Caldas de Oliveira, Raoani Cruz Mendonça

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

Fish farming is a growing agricultural activity in the Marajó Archipelago, Pará State, Brazil. Thus, it is important to discuss fish farming in technical courses in the field of agrarian sciences. Given this, the study aims to evaluate the interest of students in the area of fish farming, through the application of descriptive memorials. Students declare to consider the subject of fish farming as a discipline within the technical course, although they also show little affinity with the area; those who have shown affinity are interested in fish farming. The lack of knowledge about fish farming ventures in Marajó may be one of the factors responsible for the students' lack of interest in the area, because, in the region, the culture of fishing activity has been even stronger for fish generation in the Marajó Archipelago.