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Bovine livestock in Jataí – GO city

Aline de Lima Soares, Vinício Araujo Nascimento, Marcia Dias, Fernando José dos Santos Dias

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

Jataí has become an important municipality for the state of Goiás, as it stands out in the meat and grain production chain aimed at both the intern and extern markets in Brazil. The objective was to verify the evolution of cattle ranching in the municipality ofJataí – GO from 1974 to 2017. The research was conducted by bibliographic and documentary study of the reports of the Agricultural Census of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) from 1974 to 2017. The herd of the municipality of Jataí increased from 1974 until the beginning of the 90's, presenting in 1991 the largest ratio of the quantity of herd in the municipality. From 1993 there was a decrease in the herd due to the intense conversion of pastureand cerrado areas into agriculture. From 2015 it has presented above average growth and in 2017 it was in fourth place among the cities of the state of Goiás. However, Jataí has stood out for its edaphoclimatic qualities and its evolution in agribusiness.