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A Combined Study on the Effect of Drakshadi Gutika and Yoga Modalities in Amlapitta

Venkatesh M Illal

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Background In this modern era there has been an unprecedented increase of incidences related to GI system due to marked change in life style. Diet pattern, behavioral pattern, mental stress & strain, these multiple factors leads to a clinical condition known as the Amlapitta. Symptoms of Amlapitta as explained in Ayurveda are near clinical entity with symptoms of gastritis; a gastro intestinal disorder mentioned in modern science. Methodology of intervention Forty five patients of Amlapitta were selected and divided into three groups by random sampling method. Clinical symptoms were given suitable grading according to its severity and assessed based on pre and post data gathered through pre-designed research clinical proforma. Results showing ‘p’ value less than <0.05 were considered to be statistically significant in this study. Interpretation Drakshadi Gutika is combined formulation prepared by Draksha having Madhura rasa, Madhura Vipaka, SheetaVeerya, MruduGuna. Haritaki having Lavana Varjita Pancha rasa Kashaya pradhana, Madhuravipaka, Vikrutadoshanulomana, Aamapachana, and Sita having Madhura rasa, sheetaveerya, trupti karaka, indriyaprasadaka. These factors exhibit Pitta shamana, and Pitta rechana property. Among Asanas, Pavanamuktasana is the asana of choice for the clinical condition that are related with the gastrointestinal tract. Among Shatkriyas, Kunjalakriya is the best possible wash to the digestive system from stomach to the mouth. After completion of the studies it could be concluded that patients of Group B were significantly better than the patients of Group A and Group C at P< 0.05. Hence by considering overall results in the present study the effect of KunjalaKriya with pavanamuktasanawas was found more beneficial.