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LASER PROPERTIES OF GLASS (Ga2S3)0.70(La2S3)0.25(Nd2S3)0.0


Journal Title:Azerbaijan Chemical Journal

Absorption spectrum of a violet (Ga2S3)0.70(La2S3)0.25(Nd2S3)0.05 glass found from a glass formation region in quasi-ternary system La2S3–Ga2S3–Nd2S3 using physical and chemical analysis methods was taken in a visible or close  to IR-region at 300 K. Spectrum covers 0.5÷8 mkm wavelength. Relevant radiation bonds of 2H9̸̸2, 4F5̸2  levels fall to 0.815 and 0.890 mkm wavelength. Laser radiation with the peak corresponding to 1.08 mkm wavelength is related to transition 4F3̸2→4I11̸2 . The change of dn/dT temperature index and high thermal widening in glasses increases optical properties. This is directly observed during joining of He/Ne IR laser group into Ti:sapphire group. When Ti:sapphire laser is adjusted to absorption frequency of neodymium the glass behaves as a strong lens for He/Ne laser group. Unlike relevant crystalline matrixes laser properties of Nd3+ion is weaker in (Ga2S3)0.70(La2S3)0.25(Nd2S3)0.05 glass. This is related to a higher radiation loss in glasses. But quality of laser can be increased due to optimum concentration of an activator and length of a sample