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Financial Reward Management as an OD Intervention to Drive Employee Satisfaction

Tabani Ndebele

Journal Title:Organization Leadership and Development Quarterly (OLDQ)

The present study focused on analyzing the relationship between financial reward management and employee job satisfaction. Empirical literature indicates that reward systems form part of the mostly researched subjects in management and organizational behavior. Organization development scholars and practitioners emphasize the need for effective reward management in order to improve employee productivity. Reward management encompasses the development, implementation, and communication of organizational reward processes. Reward processes in organizations can be divided into financial and non-financial. This study was informed by the Expectancy Theory view that money is the significant motivator for most people and extrinsic motivation is closely connected to the link between effort and reward. The study reviewed empirical, theoretical, and related literature covering remuneration and employee satisfaction. The study adopted the interpretivist epistemology and subjectivist ontological position using a mixed method design. An abductive research strategy was adopted to support the exploratory, explanatory and descriptive nature of the study.