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The impact of maternal socioeconomic class on maternal measles antibodies of mother-infant pairs at birth in a Nigerian city

Baba Usman Ahmadu

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Science

Background: Maternal measles antibodies (MMA) are passed from mother to child across the placenta. Comparison of MMA of mother-infant pairs and maternal socioeconomic class (SEC) in previous studies has not been consistent. In this study, the relationship between maternal SEC and MMA of mother-infant pairs at birth was investigated. Methods: One hundred and seventy seven mother-infant pairs were enrolled using systematic random sampling method. Maternal SEC and MMA of mother-infant pairs were determined and mean MMA was compared using the Student t test. Results: Significant correlation existed between MMA of mother-infants pairs at birth (r = 0.208, p = 0.006). However, comparison of mean MMA of mother-infant pairs and maternal SEC was not significant (p = 0.718) for mothers and (p = 0.565) for newborn infants. Conclusion: Data from present study revealed that majority of mothers belonged to low SEC whose mean MMA was higher than those of high SEC mothers. But this relationship was not significant. Further study on this subject matter is hereby recommended. Keywords: Maternal socioeconomic class, Maternal measles antibodies, Mother-Infant pairs, Maiduguri, North-Eastern Nigeria.