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Pharmacognostical, phytochemical and Anti oxidant studies of the aerial parts of Urena lobata L.


Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Science

The present study is to determine the pharmacognostical phytochemical and antioxidant studies of Urena lobata Linn. In Pharmacognostical studies microscopical characteristics of leaf and stem, analytical parameters such as ash values extractive value, analysis of major elements and anti oxidant studies were carried out. The ethanolic and ethyl acetate extracts showed significant DPPH (71.35%, 69.74%) activity compared to chloroform extract (53.85%) at 200 mcg. A biphasic response with ethanolic and ethyl acetate extract (81.94%, 78.30) and a dose dependent antioxidant activity with chloroform extract (42.58%) at 1000 mcg by nitric oxide scavenging. Keywords: Urena lobata, Malvaceae, pharmacognostic, phytochemical analysis and antioxidant studies.