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Comprehensive care of epilepsy: Involvement of psychological assessment and wada test

Santoso Jaeri

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Science

Epilepsy is a diagnosis applied to a variety of neurological disorders characterized by recurrent seizures. According to a World Health Organization (WHO) survey, epilepsy accounts for 1% of the global burden of disease. There are many non-medical problems on the people with epilepsy including cognitive alteration, psychiatric disturbances and difficulty coping in social, scholastic and vocational spheres. Regarding these complicated problems, A comprehensive epilepsy treatment program is a key concept in management of epilepsy including neuropsychological assessment in order to improve the patients quality of life. Several tools are available for assessing psychological disturbance resulted from epilepsy which consist of five board areas of neuropsychological functioning such as intelligence, cognition, sensory or motor function, affect and coping or adaptation and language. This review will be discussed about the equipment of psychological assessment which may have benefit in order to assess cognitive function among epilepsy patients including wada test. Keyword: Epilepsy, Comprehensive Care, Seizures, Neuropsychology, Wada Test, Memory, Intelligence, cognition.