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Fibroplasia in oral surgical wounds submitted to topical Brazilian Propolis

Dhelfeson Willya Douglas de Oliveira

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Science

Studies have demonstrated that propolis is an effective substance for wound healing, however there is little evidence regarding its efficacy in the mechanisms of fibroplasias. The present investigation determined whether an ethanolic extract of propolis applied topically accelerates the healing process of oral surgical wounds. Forty-eight hamsters were distributed into the groups: I (n=16) received 30% ethanolic extract of propolis; Group II (n=16) received 0.01% dexamethasone; and Group III (n=16) received pure orabase cream. A localized incision was then made on the dorsum of the tongue and these wounds were submitted to the topical administration of the substances used in each group. Twelve animals were sacrificed at 3, 7, 14 and 28 days postoperative, for histopathological analysis was used Massons trichrome staining. Significant differences in fibroplasia were found among the groups on Days 7 and 14 (p=0.001), andthe group I achieved the highest collagen deposition (p=0.040). Under the present conditions, the poropolis can accelerates the healing process of oral wounds in hamsters. Keywords: Propolis, oral ulcer, wound healing and collagen.