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Tourism and entrepreneurship: A literature review

Cem Işık, Ebru Günlü Küçükaltan Sonay Kaygalak Çelebi, Özgür Çalkın, İrem Enser, Ahmet Çelik

Journal Title:Journal of Ekonomi

The purpose of this study was to examine the possible relationship between tourism and entrepreneurship. This paper, therefore, tried to investigate the research articles which were published in the journals indexed by SSCI, SCI and SCI-E between 1994 and 2019. Bibliometric methods were employed in the analysis of the articles. After analysing the available articles chosen in line with the criterion set for this study, the authors obtained 142 articles (see APPEX 1) concerning tourism and entrepreneurship. The results of this study reveal that the articles compassing tourism and entrepreneurship are grouped under three themes; a) entrepreneurship-based; b) tourism-based and c) other field-based studies. The investigated articles were found to focus on different large scale topics in terms of quantity and quality. It was also found in the study that knowledge production of tourism and entrepreneurship has increased since the 2010s. This study is expected to contribute to the relevant literature by offering a wider perspective regarding the field of tourism and entrepreneurship in terms of the number of the studies, journals where articles were published, the countries where the researches were conducted, research methods, index and themes.