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Odd Posts Identification through the Vocabulary by Semantic Sentiment Analysis Using Machine Learning Algorithm

Dr. Mohammed Ali Alzahrani

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

In this work, the importance to detect the odd posts is considered to understand. This work explains the odd posts, and the methods using machine learning algorithms are well explained. In the first part, a survey is conducted on what runs on the internet and why to eliminate the odd posts is required. After explaining the importance of the odd posts as the data is exponentially increasing, to eliminate the odd posts various techniques are used but here are some of the best, TF-IDF is used as the clustering technique, SVM used to eliminate the odd posts and observed as a better solution. However, to eliminate the odd posts using machine learning algorithms RNN produces good results, as RNN is feasible to use for the large scale dataset. The sentiment analysis using machine learning approaches is used to obtain the progressive results which aim to eliminate the odd posts from the data, as the current demand and major source of the data are social media platforms. The accuracy is improved, and the implementation of the model is done on the dataset of the tweets which includes negative, positive and neutral tweets.