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Bosnian Language and Speeches at the Border of the European Union

Emina Berbić Kolar, Igor Marko Gligorić

Journal Title:Društvene i humanističke studije DHS (Social Sciences and Humanities Studies)

In this paper, the Bosnian language is at the center of the problems of relation of language and nation, standard language and dialect, the relation between dialect speakers and their nationality; the positioning of the Bosnian language towards the European Union is also considered. On the one hand, in this context, Bosnian is a language that (officially) remains outside the borders of the EU, but at the same time, due to the different migrations, Bosnian language undoubtedly participates in European language everyday life. Although it is possible to detect the various controversies of the Bosnian language nomination and the non-positive relation to the Bosnian language and its speakers, the example of the Bosnian and elements of the Bosnian dialects in Slavonski Brod, a city on the border of the European Union, and the area does not support the articulated generally accepted opinion. Thus, Bosnian linguistics elements in the idioms at the EU border is positively evaluated. As the research shows, the attitude in the Slavonski Brodarea to Bosnian language elements is positive (or at least non-negative).