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Functions of Personal Names in Literature

Indira Šabić

Journal Title:Društvene i humanističke studije DHS (Social Sciences and Humanities Studies)

The paper addresses three terms: personal names, anthroponymic formula and anthroponymic category and their determinants in the literary-artistic/fictional style of contemporary Bosnian language. The paper discusses the functions of personal names and establishes the following: 1. referential or identification function that sets an individual apart from the group, it differentiates the individual in the community or extra-linguistic reality and contrasts it with everything else; 2. descriptive function in names with a distinct motive for naming, names that possess a descriptive, connotative meaning (predicates by itself) or names which indicate some characteristics of the named individual, e.g. gender, sex (but not always!); 3. vocative function that attracts the attention of the named individual. By specifying each of the aforementioned functions, the author gives examples from Bosnian literature and their interpretations. The paper also discusses about a descriptive, singular name, nomina mota and patronymics.