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The Legacy of the Female Protagonist in the Novels by Borisav Stankovic, Dragoslav Mihailovic and Enes Halilovic

Uroš Milan Ristanović

Journal Title:Društvene i humanističke studije DHS (Social Sciences and Humanities Studies)

The paper analyzes the legacy of the female protagonist in the novels Nečista krv by Borisav Stankovic, Petrijin venac by Dragoslav Mihailovic, and Ako dugo gledaš u ponor by Enes Halilovic. The author seeks to determine what are the common elements in the construction of the character of the protagonist in all three novels, that is, what functional and symbolic advantages are shown in this author’s decision. Also, by analyzing material that spans over a century, linked by the narrator’s main focus (the female protagonist), we will try to identify the connections these literary works have with the poetics of the epoch in which they originate, but also with the socio-political turmoil and shifts that are reflected in them.