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An Evaluation on the History of Science and Fuat Sezgin

Ali Çetin

Journal Title:Kalemname

The history of science has recently emerged as a scientific discipline. Although it is a new discipline, the history of science has historically old origins. History of science has been put forward as a history of ancient sciences. This tendency has given rise to a perception that science has a Western origin as a history. History of science is a scientific discipline that focuses on the nature, development and content of science, and incorporates quite different approaches. The main objective of all these approaches is to illuminate all aspects of the human mind's efforts to reach reality. One of the names worthy of mentioning in the field of history of science in our country is Fuat Sezgin. Sezgin has carried out his scientific studies in the style of orientalists in all his life and presented the most important elements of the history of Islamic science to the scientific and cultural community. In this study, we will examine the nature and function of the history of science as well as Fuat Sezgin's contributions to our culture in the context of this discipline.