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Physical education teachers organizational trust and organizational investigation of awareness levels

Ramazan KUBAT, Aydın ŞENTÜRK


The aim of this study, primary and secondary education school physical education teachers who work in organizational trust and organizational awareness is intended to determine the relationships between the levels. Relating to organizational awareness organizational confidence with variable teacher perceptions; gender, mourning, education, seniority, making this institution operating time and graduate's has changed has been identified according to the variable. The research universe, 2016-2017 in the academic year under the Ministry of national education, Ankara province, Mamak County official primary and secondary education schools and teachers in these schools. The sample of the survey in the Mamak district 158 physical education teacher. Research as a tool for data collection "personal information form", "the scale of Organizational Trust in schools", and "Organizational Awareness Scale in schools".  Research results and the results are as follows; Physical education teachers perceptions of organizational trust and all of its dimensions with dimensions of organizational awareness in schools and at the level of the child has been found quite agree. According to the variable gender physical education teachers perceptions regarding openness and trust in organizational communication environment showing statistically significant difference in the size of mourning and physical education teachers according to their seniority variable organizational trust administrator perceptions regarding trust in size have shown statistically significant differences. Physical education teachers perceptions of organizational trust-related education, the premises at run time, and working with the Manager of the institution according to the duration variable did not show statistically significant difference. Graduate education of physical education teachers according to the variable do the perceptions of organizational trust in all child dimension was found statistically significant. Teacher awareness, organizational awareness in schools administrator awareness and perceptions of organizational trust with positive way meaningful relationships. Regression analysis as a result of the size of the trust and openness to the administrator, the teacher is raising significant awareness and openness in schools the size of organizational awareness significantly as a result of the upgrade.