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Investigation of Perceived Service Quality of Youth Centers  

Bahadır ALİGÜL, Hasan Erdem MUMCU, Abdullah ÖZLEYEN, Neşe MUMCU


Youth centers serves for the improvement of the youth at 180 locations in 81 cities within the Ministry of Youth and Sports. And also, it is essential to be aware of the quality of the activities provided for youngsters. The study is implemented to evaluate the perceived service quality of the youth centers that is in service in the TR 42 Level 2 area. This research is carried out with the help of questionnaire techniques and sights of the participants are taken into consideration. This research, which is carried out to determine the relation between the age, gender, time of membership of a Yotuh Center and the variables of that center and the quality of output, quality of physical environment and quality of subdimensions of interaction, is done with the help of sectioning approach and relational screening model which are one of the general screening models.Accordingly, thoughts of the youngsters who are the members of Youth Centers active in TR42 Level 2 area of Ministry of Youth and Sports are taken into account and for this, the data collection tool is used which is developed by Aycan (2005) and evaluated by Polat and his fellows in 2013 in terms of validity and reliability. The findings are processed with SPSS 21.0 For Windows programme and finalized. As a result of research carried out,it is found that there is not considerable amount of differences in terms of gender whereas significant differences are found in terms of age, time of membership of a Youth Center and the variables of that center.