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A Study on the Effect of Personal Values on Leisure Motivation



The purpose of this study is to assess the effect of the personal values ​​of licensed football players on leisure motivation, as well as to determine the relationship between personal values ​​and leisure motivation. While the study group consisted of 208 footballer who continued to sport life in licensed football clubs in Ankara, While the study group consisted of 208 athletes who continued to sports life in different football clubs in Ankara, Personal Value Inventory (Asan et al., 2008) and Leisure Time Motivation Scale (Mutlu, 2008) were used for collecting data. The descriptive statistics, independent sample t test, Tukey (HSD-LSD) tests for analysis of differences between Anova groups, simple linear regression analysis and pearson correlation test were used. According to the findings obtained, the highest level of PV and LM were found in the highest PV score and the lowest in the respect and accuracy subdimension, while the lowest average was found in the discipline and responsibility subdimension. There was no significant relationship between participants' educational status, marital status, lack of leisure, availability of leisure and personal values ​​and leisure motivation scales. In addition, there is a weak but positive direction between the personal values ​​and the leisure motivation, which is found in favor of the participants with low income level in the perceived income variable, in favor of the longest-licensed players in the category of licensed players, correlation between the personal values ​​and the leisure motivation as a result of the regression analysis revealed that there is a statistically significant positive linear relationship. As a result, it is concluded that personal value and leisure motivation levels are high, that certain variables affect this level, and that there is a weak but positive relationship between PV and LM. And it is the result of research that PV is the effect on LM.