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Factors Associated to Utilization of Post-Natal Care At 48 Hours: A Case Study of Kanyama 1st Level Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia

Article by Angela C. Mwaba

The post-natal period is the critical stage in the prevention of maternal and neonatal deaths. Zambia has recorded a decline in maternal mortality from 597(2007) to 398/100 000 (ZDHS 2014). WHO recommends that all post-natal women must be reviewed within 48 hours after delivery to avert maternal and neonatal mortality rate. This study was therefore conducted to assess the factors affecting the utilization of post-natal services at 48 hours at Kanyama first level hospital with over 1,000 deliveries every month. A mixed survey (employing both quantitative and qualitative methods) was completed by 197 women using a structured questionnaire. Quantitative was cross sectional while qualitative a case study. Informants included health workers and mothers who had delivered within 6 days at this hospital. The data was analyzed using STRATA 13 for quantitative, descriptive and inferential statistics. Key findings: utilization of post-natal services at the hospital was poor at 6%. No information was given to women to report back within 48 hours, inadequate space and staff to implement this guideline and no association between PNC utilization and social economic, demographic and geographic factors. Conclusion: The survey showed that utilization of PNC at 48hrs was low. Social economic, demographic and geographic factors were not associated with PNC utilization. To improve utilization, increase on staffing, improve on space, provide information to mothers and implementation of guidelines. Keywords: Postnatal Care, Utilization, maternal mortality.