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Rice Organic Farming is a Programme for Strengtenning Food Security in Sustainable Rural Development

Entun Santosa

Journal Title:International Journal of Basic and Applied Science (IJBAS)

Rice domestic demand is steadily increase due to populations growth, to increase rice production by increasing dosage of inorganic fertilizer and pesticide could not increase rice yield due to bad soil condition. These condition need improvement because soil is the source of life for soil micro-organism and biological activities. To overcome the problem, the farmers are supposed to be educated and trained to be able to analyze and study and practice plant cultivation emphasizing on local potential management. Rice Organic Farming (ROF) is intensive and efficient paddy cultivation with the management process of root system based on soil, plant and water management. The method of ROF was Rapid Rural Appraisal with Partisipatory Rural Appaisal, continue with Farmers group Development Plant and farmers learning by doing the programme in their own land. The result after three planting season indicate that farmers confident with ROF, used 10 tons/ ha organic fertilizer and natural enemies for plant protection, increased rice production from 5.440 ton/ ha to 9.733 ton/ ha and natural enemies is the best solution to manage pest and diseases.