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An Easy Way to Prepare Kupipakwa Rasayana by Muffle Furnace

Sima Ashok Kurule and Pallavi Mundada

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Rasaushadhies are more popular due to their low dose, palatability and short acting nature. Murchana process increases disease curing ability of Mercury (Parad). Kupipakwa rasayana is one of the most important murchana which is prepared in specially designed glass bottle (kachkupi) in sand-bath (valukayantra) with a particular heating pattern (Kramagni). Kupipakwa Rasayana is more potent than all mercurial preparations due to it’s ushna, tikshna, and laghu guna properties, hence it is popular with Ayurved physicians. But it’s preparation is complex and require precision. Preparation of Kupipakwa rasayana by traditional methods requires more time, manpower, fuel and efforts which make it more laborious. With the help of modern technology Kupipakwa rasayana can be prepared easily in limited time with less manpower and efforts by using muffle furnace. In the present paper an easy way to prepare Kupipakwa rasayana with greater temperature control has been discussed.