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The Influence of Gender in Determining the Language Choice of Teenagers: Sundanese versus Bahasa

Fakry Hamdani

Journal Title:International Journal of Basic and Applied Science (IJBAS)

The aims of the research are to discover and analyze the phenomenon of language choice and gender toward teenagers, which will indicate the language death of Sundanese Language. The query was discovered around 134 (53 males and 81 females) university students, the first and three grade of Pharmacy and Management Programs at University of Garut. The participants were given ten questions contained the use of language toward their males and females friends. Using Chi Square test, the results showed that the influence of gender in determining the language choice of teenagers was identified. For code-switching, there was no specific difference between males (48) and females (50). However, the difference occurred when females were using code-mixing (75) and the number was bigger than males (32). From this information, the study concluded that gender totally influenced the code-mixing among teenagers.