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The Understanding and Behavior of First Level Students on Premarital Sexual Behavior

Siva Hamdani

Journal Title:International Journal of Basic and Applied Science (IJBAS)

This study is a descriptive research in creating a phenomenon or a description of situation objectively as the main objective. The data is taken from the primary data documentation study and subsequent data presented in charts and tables. The respondents are all first-level university student age (16-19 years) at the Bogor Husada Academy of Midwifery which by holding the questionnaires. The results found that the incidence of premarital sexual behavior was 0.87% (one person), and non-incidence of premarital sexual behavior is 99.13% (114 people). Premarital sexual behavior related to student understanding showed that they were familiar (91.30%), moderate (7.83%), and poor (0.87%). Instead, students attitudes toward premarital sexual behavior reflected disagree (98.26%) and agree (1.74%). The results of this research may be used as information material and a comparison for future research related to sexual behavior among teenagers.