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Nurses and Physicians’ Perceptions towards Physical Activity Promotion in Kanye Health Facilities – Bots

Sophonie Ndahayo, Monique Mukanyandwi-Ndahayo, Akeem T. Ketlogetswe, Messina, Gofamodimo

Journal Title:Texila International Journal of Public Health

This study on perceptions, practices, and levels of physical activity (PA) promotion by nurses and physicians in Kanye health facilities is a quantitative cross-sectional research. The population comprised 220 prospective respondents (205 nurses and 15 physicians). Of those who agreed to participate, data were collected using a self-administered structured questionnaire after a pilot study. Simple random sampling was used in data collection. Data were analyzed using STATA. Findings were presented in the form of tables and graphs. Results showed 98.4% perceive PA as promoting health, while 92.3% said PA promotion is a daily duty of nurses and physicians. Of the total respondents, 61.3% were engaged in PA. A major finding of this research is that 89.2% of respondents perceive that PA promotion should be a requirement for contemporary health facilities. Results showed that a good number of respondents (67.6%) reported that they promote physical activity. Thus, hypothesis number two that there is a high proportion of nurses and physicians who do not promote PA was rejected at 0.05 level of significance. The study recommended the inclusion of PA promotion and skills in the curriculum of nurses and physicians. Key words: physical activity (PA), PA promotion, general practice, moderate-intensity PA, engaged in PA.