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A Clinical Evaluation of Kushtha (Saussurealappa.–C.B.Clarke.) on Shukradushti w.s.r. to Seminal Parameters and Sexual Health Parameters

Dharmendra P Jani and B. R. Patel

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Kushtha is a well-known plant since Vedic era. It is botanically known as Saussurea lappa– C.B.Clarke. belonging to the family Asteraceae. In present study roots of Saussurea lappa were procured from Dehradun and Gokshura fruit from periphery of Jamnagar and authenticated in Pharmacognosy laboratory of I.P.G.T. and R.A. Clinical study was designed as randomized, prospective, single blind, controlled, parallel and exploratory. In present study 28 patients were randomly divided in two groups. Group A was treated with Kushtha Churna, 1 gm /twice with lukewarm water and Group B (Control) was treated with Gokshura Churna, 2 gm /twice with lukewarm water for 60 days each. Total 25 patients completed the treatment; 13 in Group A and 12 in Group B. The assessment was done on the basis of changes in classical sign and symptoms of Shukradushti, seminal parameters and sexual health (parameters) observed before and after treatment. The obtained results were analyzed statistically. Encouraging results were found in Shukradushti, semen parameters and sexual health parameters.