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Ayurvedic Approach on Anatomical Basis of Endocrine Disorders: A Review

Dhannajay, Naresh K. Kumawat

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

An estimated 108 million people in India suffer from endocrine and metabolic disorders. The disorders relating to endocrine system can be grossly divided into functional abnormalities and structural abnormalities. While functional disorders like hypothyroidism, DM type 1, etc. are very common in present day clinical practice, some of the common structural abnormalities result in diseases like thyroid adenoma, undescended testis etc. Thorough understanding of the anatomical organization of the endocrine system can help in the clinical diagnosis of these conditions leading to early detection. The management of many of the above disorders involves surgical measures which also require a well off anatomical understanding. Role of Ayurveda in the determination and development of organ are many factors such as Prakruthi (constitution of the body), Nature of Shukra (nature of sperm) and Shonita (nature of ovum), Garbhashaya (nature of uterus), Season (fertility time), Food and deed of mother, Panchamahabhutha (five basic element of nature).