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A Review on Management of Hridroga w.s.r. to Ayurveda

Tripathi Arun Kumar, Singh Deshraj, Tiwari Akanksha

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) comprises of the group of heart disease and the vascular system. The major conditions are Coronary heart disease (CHD), Hypertension and Congenital heart disease. The WHO has drawn attention to the fact that CHD is our modern “epidemic” i.e., a disease that affects population, not an unavoidable attribute of ageing. India is currently leading towards becoming a heart disease capital of the world. This puts a tremendous pressure on available resources of medical and surgical management. Treatment of cardiovascular diseases in elderly is not easy and there is a need for the development of drugs which can be used safely for a longer period. Many of the clinical features of “Hridroga” described in Ayurvedic classics are similar to that of cardiovascular diseases and can be adequately managed by classical herbs. This article aims at what are the risk factors and causes of cardiovascular diseases, their prevalence and with its possible prevention in Ayurveda.