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Role of Kalabasti in Pakshaghata w.s.r. to Hemiplegia – A Case Study

Shital Shivaram Pawar, Shankar Lahuraj Mane and S. R. Saley

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pakshaghata is a severe blow to the sufferer’s life. The patient not only suffers physically but also goes through a severe mental depression due to inability. It is characterized by loss of function and mobility of half of the body either Rt. or Lt. pain and disturbed speech. It can be correlated with Hemiplegia of modern medicine. A case is described of 62 year, old male farmer by occupation, complaining of weakness in Lt. Upper and lower limb, unable to stand without support. C.T. brain shows chronic ischemic changes in Lt. occipital and Rt. Temporal lobe. With these complaints patient was admitted in our institute. Basti is the ultimate route of administration for obtaining both systemic and local effect in vatavyadhi. Pakshaghata is one of the vatavyadhi hence kalabasti is selected for present case. At the same time he was also on medication with physiotherapy. Patient was in our institute for 1 month and showed substantial improvement.