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The Effectiveness of Using SCAMPER Strategy in Developing English Critical Reading Skills for First Year Secondary School Students

Marwa Abdelsabour Mahfouz MA Candidate, October 6 University

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Technology (JRCIET)

Abstract T   he current study attempts to investigate the effectiveness of SCAMPER strategy in developing secondary school students’ EFL critical reading skills. The current study is a quasi-experimental pre-post one group design. The study participants were (22) first year secondary school students. To collect the data, a three-unit instruction reading comprehension program was designed. Before the treatment, the participants’ critical reading skills were pre-tested. During the course of intervention. After the study group exposed to explicit SCAMPER strategy. Results revealed that the study group mean scores on the post critical reading test surpassed that of the post-test. Accordingly, SCAMPER strategy was effective in developing EFL secondary school students’ critical reading. However, teaching English critical reading should be an integral part of EFL secondary school curriculum. Keywords: SCAMPER Strategy, Critical Reading.