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The effects of flipped learning approach on FL Egyptian learners to reinforce study of English

Dr. Elham Sweilam Ahmad Desouky Lecturer of Curriculum & Instruction (TEFL), Faculty of Education, October 6 University

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Technology (JRCIET)

Abstract T   he current study has attempted to discover whether a flipped learning approach has positive effects on enhancing learning English. To achieve the purpose of the study, 158 learners participated from the English department in the faculty of Education who have taken the same English course over two sequential semesters. The participants were divided into two groups: an experimental group that used a flipped learning approach with 80 learners, while the control group of 78 learners used a communicative language teaching approach. The researcher collected the data in three ways: firstly from the results of the learners’ performance in three main tasks; secondly, from the teacher's notes on the learners’ performance during the study; and finally from the learners’ responses to three surveys. The results revealed that only the mean score of the final test was statistically significant, and the scores of the participants in the experimental group were higher on average than the scores of the participants in the control group in their last three tasks. In spite of this result, both surveys and teacher's notes expressed another point of view, showing that the participants in a flipped learning approach classroom enjoyed learning English more and were keener on participating in the learning process than the control group. Key Words: FL Egyptian learners; flipped learning approach; study of English