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Using Blended Learning for Developing Faculty of Dar Al-Uloom First Year EFL Students' Reading Comprehension and Grammatical Competence

Dr. Marwa Gamal Muhammad Shehata TEFL Lecturer at the Dept. of Curriculum & Instruction Faculty of Education-Minia University

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Technology (JRCIET)

Abstract: T   he purpose of the study was to investigate the use of blended learning for developing Faculty of Dar Al-Uloom first year EFL students' reading comprehension and grammatical competence. Fifty students were enrolled in the first year during the academic year 2018-2019 acting as one study group participated in the study. Two tests were prepared by the researcher: a pre-post reading comprehension test and a pre-post grammatical competence one. In addition, a teachers' guide was prepared by the researcher for presenting the online and face to face sessions. Having pretested students, they were taught via blended learning. After that, they were post tested. The findings showed a considerable statistical improvement favoring the post administrations of the two tests. Moreover, there was a positive correlation between students' EFL reading comprehension and grammatical competence on the post tests. Recommendations and suggestions for further research were presented. Key words: Blended Learning- Reading Comprehension- Grammatical Competence